The QB Sweep

by coach___cooper

James Blackman

With the pro style offense that we have experienced in the last ten years with Jimbo, some plays are just a staple year in and year out. One of those plays is the QB Sweep, with the featured back leading. Every quarterback that has played under Jimbo at FSU has ran this play. Christian Ponder, D’Vontrey Richardson, EJ Manuel, Jameis Winston, Everitt Golson, Sean Maguire, Deondre Francois, and now James Blackman. This play is very beneficial as it gives another player in the blocking scheme. So check out the gifs of the QB Sweep Below!

EJ Manuel

FSU vs South Carolina 2010 Chick Fil A Bowl Highlights

Deondre Francois

James Blackman

Florida State vs Syracuse 11 4 2017 Full Game HD 1

While Blackman had some success on this play against Syracuse, I would love to see him be more aggressive with hitting the hole. I know you want to protect our QB from getting hurt, but he already takes a beating with pass protection. I, for one am looking forward to getting this play back into the offense, and glad Jimbo has been calling it lately.

For us to beat Clemson, we have to use every resource available. Blackman is going to have to use his legs more against this ferocious Clemson front seven. A play like this could off set their defense, and gain decent yards.

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