Meet Xavier Ward: Newest Washington State Dual-Threat Quarterback

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A senior at Eleanor Roosevelt in Corona, California, quarterback Xavier Ward recently committed to Washington State.

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, Ward has been flying under the radar but decided to join the Cougars. He plans to be making opposing coaches question why they did not offer Ward in high school.

Many expect big things from him in Pullman. We caught up with Ward to ask him some football questions and why he committed to Washington State.

Xavier Ward (QB) 6-2 / 195 lbs. / Eleanor Roosevelt

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1. Heading into your senior year, what is your No. 1 goal?

My No. 1 goal is to win state if we have the opportunity. If not, it’s to go as far in the playoffs as possible.

2. If you had to compare your style to a NFL/college signal caller, who would be the closest to your style?

I like to model my game after Deshaun Watson or Trevor Lawrence. They both have amazing arms and can move when they need to.

3. What major/degree are you hoping to pursue in college?

I’m looking into a few. I’ve always been interested in mechanical engineering. I’m starting to get into law and sports management as well.

4. Favorite football memory?

(My) freshman year, I was obviously the quarterback, but I was also the holder for PATs and field goals. One game when we were losing, I took it upon myself to catch the snap and act like I was going to hold the ball for the kicker, but I did my own thing and reversed out and ran in for two points. I got yelled at by my coach, because I wasn’t supposed to do that, but it worked.

5. Did you ever visit Wazzu before committing to the Cougars?

No, unfortunately not yet, but I had Zoom call virtual tour of the campus. It’s really nice.

6. What stuck out to you about playing at Washington State?

I watched the new coaching staff when they were at Hawaii before WSU and I fell in love with the run-and-shoot offense. Plus, they develop quarterbacks for the NFL.

7. What was the ultimate reason you chose to attend Wazzu?

It feels like home. I love the coaching staff, the academic support, and I can tell that they really put a lot of effort into their players. My parents love it and I’m excited.

8. If you could talk to one former Washington State Cougar, who went to the NFL, which player would it be?

Gardner Minshew, because he’s the last guy to get to the NFL from WSU, so I wonder what that journey was like, because I plan on doing the same thing.

9. Would you be willing to change positions if a coach asked you?

No, I only play quarterback.

10. Obviously the NFL is the ultimate goal. Besides that, what do you want to do post-college career?

Other than the NFL, I would focus on a career in one of the majors/degrees that I stated earlier.

11. Do you plan on enrolling early when it is time to attend college?

I’m definitely thinking about it. I have to see what it takes because I’m in STEM classes at my high school that may restrict me from being able to go early due to certain classes that I need to take.

12. What is a fact about you that most do not know?

I’m a geek (metaphorically). I’m into comics, superheroes; my favorite subjects are math and science, and I can sing a little bit.

13. Who was your role model growing up?

It’s always been my parents, but especially my father. He’s been through a lot and come out very successful and I look up to him for that.

14. What is your favorite drill to do in practice?

It’s a drill for pocket movement where you have to avoid bags with pocket movement motions and then throw a good ball after.

15. What is your favorite meal?

I love sushi.

16. What are some of your hobbies besides football?

Playing video games, spending time with friends and family, playing chess, and trying new foods.

17. Favorite movie?

I haven’t thought about a favorite movie, but I really like all of the Marvel and DC movies.

18. What is one thing you love about your hometown?

My hometown is really safe and peaceful and there’s things to do here and there.

19. Favorite place for vacation?

Hawaii was amazing.

20. Do you parents care where you go to school, meaning do they mind you being far from home to achieve your dream?

No. Like me, they agree that it doesn’t matter how far the school is. If it feels like home and it checks all the boxes, then it’s good to go.


More information about Xavier Ward

Twitter: @XMW12_

2019: First-team All-CIF

First-team All-League


Passing yards: 2,100

TDs: 20 (1 rushing)

40-yard dash: 4.96 seconds

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