Fifth Quarter Live: Edenton Steamers vs. Peninsula Pilots July 15, 2020

by Reese Becker

Welcome to War Memorial Stadium in Hampton, Virginia as the Peninsula Pilots of the Coast Plain League take on the Edenton Steamers of the Tidewater Summer League in Collegiate Summer League action.

The Pilots come in at 5-5 and defeated the Old Dominion Hitters of the Tidewater Summer League last night. The Steamers are 12-4 and walked off the Tidewater Drillers 7-6 last night.




#45 Nick Biddison CF 

#1 LF Trey Morgan

#21 2B Erik Stock 

#19 3B Hunter Hart

#9 SS Jake Boone

#17 DH Luke Zimmerman

#11 RF Cole Secrest

#3 C Sy Snedeker

#39 P Ryan Devine

#8 1B Ben McCabe



#10 CF Brody Rubenstein

#5 2B Jared Kauffman

#12 LF Houston Wright

#8 RF Alan Alonso

#28 DH Josiah Slighter

#13 1B Shane Easter

#15 SS Casey Haire

#17 C Case Kermode

#4 3B Aaron Copeland

#16 P Jake Rice

1st Inning:


Devine does not allow a baserunner as the Steamers go down in order. One Strikeout for Devine so far.


Biddison walks, Trey Morgan singles. Runners on 1st and 3rd, no outs.

Erik Stock on via fielders choice, Biddison out at home. 1 Out

Hart singles, bases loaded, Boone strikes out, 2 outs.

Zimmerman on, Morgan and Stock score, Hart out at third.

Score: 2-0 Pilots


2nd Inning


Alonso strikes out to begin the inning for Edenton, 1 out. 2-0 Pilots. Two strikeouts for Devine.

Sightler strikes out. 2 out. 2-0 Pilots. Three strikeouts for Devine.

Easter flys out. 2-0 Pilots heading to B2. Three strikeouts for Devine.


Secrest singles up the middle. 2-0 Pilots.

Snedeker flys out. 1 Out. 2-0 Pilots.

McCabe grounds into a double play.

Pilots’ Devine with 3K and no hits allowed yet through two innings.

Score: 2-0 Pilots


3rd Inning


Haire leads off for Edenton. Haire strikes out. 1 Out. 2-0 Pilots. 4 K for Devine.

Kermode strikes out. 2 outs, 2-0 Pilots. 5 K for Devine.

Copeland strikes out. 2-0 Pilots, 6 K for Devine on 34 pitches


Biddison out on a fly to LF. 1 Out. Pilots 2-0

Morgan strikes out. 2 Out. Pilots 2-0.

Stock singles. 2 Out, 1 On. Pilots 2-0

Jake Rice touching 94MPH in the third. 

Stock singles and steals second Hart grounds out. 

Score: 2-0 Pilots


4th Inning


Luke Zimmerman now on to pitch for Pilots. Devine out. Devine is using his fifth year of eligibility to attend Kennesaw State after graduating from Presbyterian. 

Rubenstein strikes out. 1 Out. 2-0 Pilots

Kauffman on with a single. Wright safe on fielders choice, Kauffman out at second. 2 out, 2-0 Pilots.

Alonso strikes out.

Pilots have only allowed one hit through four. lead 2-0 heading to B4, 8 K so far


Boone leads off for the Pilots. Pops out, 1 out.

Zimmerman up. Zimmerman strikes out, 2 out

Secrest at the plate. Pops up, inning over

Score: 2-0 Pilots


5th Inning


Rice back on for the 5th, 55 pitches, 3 K, 5 H, 2 ER


Easter out. 1 Out

Haire strikes out, 2 out.

Kermode walks. First walk issued by Pilots.

Copeland doubles, Kermode to third

Rubenstein out at LF.


Snedeker leads off for the Pilots and strikes out

McCabe strikes out, 2 out.

Biddison flys out to warning track.

Score: Pilots 2-1


6th Inning

New pitcher for Pilots- Matt Keane. 


Kauffman leads off for Edenton, flys out to CF. 1 out

Wright up to bat, singles. 1 on, 1 out.

Alonso singles, Wright to second, 2 on, 1 out.

Sightler walks. Based loaded, 1 out.

Easter on, Edenton 0-1 with RISP. Easter strikes out, 2 out, bases loaded.

Haire strikes out looking. 

Streamers load the bases with one out but can’t bring anyone in, now 0-3 with RISP.


Trey Morgan leads off and singles. Morgan steals.

Stock strikes out, 1 out, 1 on.

Hart pops up to second, Boone grounds to third

Score: 2-1 Pilots


7th Inning


Dragum in to replace Keane at pitcher.

Keane: 1 IP, 25 pitches, 2 H, 1 BB

Kermode strikes out. 12 K for Pilots now. 

Copeland grounds out, 2 out.

Rubenstein singles, 2 out, 1 on. Rubenstein steals second, 2 out, 1 on. Edenton 0-3 with RISP.

Kauffman out, 0-4 with RISP for Edenton.


Kyle Reynolds on for Rice. Rice: 6 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 6 K, 73 pitches.

Zimmerman leading off for Peninsula. Zimmerman at third after an error, Edenton bullpen clears after late throw to third., Pilots players come off the bench.


McCabe up and grounds out.

Biddison up.0-2, BB so far today. Biddison walks.

Trey Morgan singles on a bunt, Biddison at second.

Stock on via fielders choice. Bases loaded, no outs. Pilots 2-9 with RISP.

Reynolds out: .2 IP, 1 H,1 ER, 1 BB. New pitcher is Stocum.

Hart HBP, Biddison scores. 5-1 Pilots. 

Boone pops up.

Score: 5-1 Pilots


8th Inning


Alex Hinton on to pitch. Dragum: 1 IP, 1 H, 1 K, 0 ER.

Wright strikes out. 13 for the Pilots so far.

Alonso flies out, 2 out.

Sightler flies out. 


Zimmerman leading off for the Pilots. Doubles to lead off.

Secrest walks, runners on first and second.

Snedeker on and singles. ZIMMERMAN SCORES. PILOTS LEAD 6-1

McCabe HBP, runners on corners.

Biddison safe at first, SECREST SCORES. PILOTS LEAD 7-1. McCabe out, 2 out.

Morgan walks, Biddison at second, 2 outs. NEW EDENTON PITCHER: Daniel Willie.

Stock walks, bases loaded Stock singles. MORGAN AND BIDDISON SCORE. 9-1 PILOTS LEAD.

Boone on, runners on corners. Pop up.

Score: 9-1 Pilots


9th Inning


Marcus Olivarez to pitch for Pilots.

Olivarez’ first pitch is 95MPH. The third pitch is 97.

Olivarez strikes out the side.


PLAYER OF THE GAME: Luke Zimmerman

2-4, 2 H, 2 RBI, 2B. 2 IP, 3 K, 3 H, 1 ER. 

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