NAIA First Round Playoff Predictions

by coach___cooper
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We have finally made it! We are finally to the playoffs of the NAIA Football season. Last week we sorted out the drama and now it’s time to get going .Today the journey starts at sixteen and pretty soon it will dwindle down to one champion. Today we are going to give you our NAIA Playoff predictions, who we think will win each game. Anecdotally speaking since covering this league the past four years, upsets rarely happen in the first round of the playoffs. We will surprise you some, and we have one upset selected. So scroll through the images below, and look at who we have picked. I guarantee you we will not miss more then one selection.

Screenshot 20221119 111900

Winner: Morningside

Screenshot 20221119 111921

Winner: Grand View

Screenshot 20221119 111943

Winner: Northwestern

Screenshot 20221119 112009

Winner: Bethel

Screenshot 20221119 112032

Winner: Indiana Wesleyan

Screenshot 20221119 112052

Winner: Benedictine

Screenshot 20221119 112110

Winner: Marian

Screenshot 20221119 112127

Winner: Reinhardt

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