NAIA Reception Kings

by coach___cooper
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Yesterday we had an article focusing on the interception Kings of the NAIA. Today is all about those Wide Receivers that have a demand for the ball. A dominant wide receiver is a quarterbacks best friend. So let’s go ahead and look at the guys who led the league in receptions.


#1: Korrell Koehlmoos CUNE 95 Receptions

#2: Gerald Monroe Graceland 93 Receptions

#3: Justin Pringle St Xavier 73 Receptions

#4: Zach Norton Morningside 72 Receptions

#5: Jacquez Carter Indiana Wesleyan 68 Receptions

#6: Austin Johnson Morningside 66 Receptions

#7: Micah Madyun Jamestown 65 Receptions

#7: Luke Sheperson Campbellsville 65 Receptions

#7: Ben Steven’s Marian 65 Receptions

#10: O’Vauntay Vickers Judson 64 Receptions

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