ACC vs. SEC 2022

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We are almost at one of the best weeks of the college football season. Thanksgiving food is about to have everyone stuffed and we are about to have rivalry weekend soon. Power five conferences do not share footprints much unless you are the ACC and SEC. These two conferences share footprints in four different states. This gives us four historic and amazing instate rivalry games. The two conferences have also met in five different games this season. So let’s take a look at how those games went, and which conference will win the head to head record this season.

ACC vs. SEC So Far

Florida State 24 LSU 23 (Sept 4)

Tennessee 34 Pitt 27 OT(Sept 10)

Wake Forest 45 Vanderbilt 25 (Sept 10)

Texas A&M 17 Miami 9 (Sept 17)

Ole Miss 42 Georgia Tech 0 (Sept 17)

Advantage SEC 3-2

ACC vs. SEC Games Coming Up

Florida State vs Florida

Louisville vs Kentucky

Clemson vs South Carolina

Georgia Tech vs Georgia 

For the most part there has been quality matchups across the board between the two conferences. The SEC holds a one game advantage but that could easily change by next weekend. Let’s not forget the ACC and SEC will meet each other in multiple bowl games as well. Just looking at the rivalry matchups there is definitely one guarantee win for the SEC as Georgia Tech has zero chance against Georgia. That means the ACC will have to win the other three games to hold the head to head advantage over the SEC by regular seasons end. So, I have to ask our readers, how do you see these games ending up?

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