NFL Draft Profile: Ryan Green

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Ryan Green

While being drafted into the NFL looks bleak for former running back Ryan Green, his NFL hopes have potential. Anyone that can run a 4.37 at a FSU pro day (some had him at a low 4.3) always has a chance at the NFL. D2/D3/NAIA kids will get training camp invites for running similar 40s, it happens every year. FSU fans saw his potential, and knows he was dealt a bad hand. The former five star recruit definitely is drawing curiosity for those wanting to see what he has to offer.

Ryan Green Pro Day Numbers


40 Time: 4.37
3-Cone: 6.90
Vertical: 38 Inches
Broad: 10-2 or 122 inches

Here is Dalvin Cooks combine numbers last year for comparison…

40 Time: 4.49
3-Cone: 7.27
Vertical: 30.5
Broad: 116 inches

Obviously combine numbers do not measure the level of running back you can be in the NFL, but it certainly helps you overall. I am not saying that Ryan Green is better than Dalvin Cook, but NFL teams cannot ignore these numbers.


Former Running backs with similar situations of Green


  • Terrell Davis, 6th Round 196 Overall, Long Beach State/Georgia, limited production in his four years of college
  • Bryce Brown, 7th Round 229 Overall, One real year of college, former 5 Star RB (like Green)
  • Kenny Hilliard, 7th Round 235th overall, Limited Action at LSU


Bottom Line


In 2018 the NFL leaves no rock unturned, especially rocks that are cheap can provide production. Ryan Green can provide production on special teams, and maybe a third down back. Speed pays in the NFL, and Ryan Green has just that. NFL coaches can find a way to utilize talent, and Ryan Green will definitely get his shot. Most likely as a Undrafted Free Agent but he has a chance.


Ryan Green Nevada Delaware St at FSU 2017 Full Game 2016 2 Florida State vs 10 Louisville HD

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