Top Revenge Games #2 (Tied)

by coach___cooper

FSU UF 2010

Welcome to the part of the list where true pain is felt, and even more true relief is found. To the millennial Seminole fan these two wins brought instant relief, and joy. Both of these games that are tied at #3 has to deal with our most hated rivals. I couldn’t decide which game would be ahead of the other as they are truly even. Many Nole fans remember the pain from the years 2000-2004 and from 2004-2009. There was a time it seemed like we couldn’t get a handle on both rivals at the same time, today most Noles should feel spoiled.

2000-2004 Six Straight Losses to the Canes


The late 90’s spoiled many FSU fans as it was a time period of having full control of the Hurricanes. From 1995-1999 the Hurricanes couldn’t touch the Seminoles. Control seemed to start fading in the 2000 season. While FSU had a team great enough to make it to the national championship game, they still fell to the Hurricanes in a nail biting game. After that game, it seemed like separation was further than ever as the Hurricanes displayed on of the great teams ever seen in college football. In 2001 the Noles were blown out 49-27 in Tallahassee. With Bobby Bowden starting to slip further into age, recruiting battles heated up hotter than ever before, and a major storm brewing to the south many Noles were worries. While after the 2001 game many Noles could see future blowouts to the Hurricanes if things did not change. Little did they know that things would get way worse than some could ever imagine.


There are two types of people in this world. Some are hurt worst when their team loses a heart breaker than seeing their team blown out. Others are hurt vice versa and would rather lose a heart breaker any day instead of lose in a breakout. (If you’re like me you hate both options)


While 2001 was the blow out game, the next five games against the Hurricanes would obliterate Seminole hearts. We would see our first wide right in the last seconds in 2002. We would see the best FSU team in the 2000’s lose by one possessions twice in 2003 (regular season and Orange Bowl). To cap it off we would see the 2004 FSU team dominate Miami the whole game, to let Miami come back near the end and win in overtime. The series from 2002-2004 had to be one of the most heart breaking sequence in FSU history.


2005 FSU

The 2005 season was a special one because of the wild ride it took. It started with a 5 game winning streak, until UVA gave the Noles a close upset. FSU would bounce back with two straight wins, and were #9 in the polls. With three games left FSU went on to lose all three games. A team now at 7-4, that many thought were left for dead ended up back dooring their way into the ACC Championship game with a conference record of 5-3 (that rarely happens). With everyone (includes a lot of FSU fans) writing off FSU against Virginia Tech. Somehow someway they defeated the top five Hokies and went on to the Orange Bowl. They would then take #3 Penn State to three overtimes losing a heart breaker 26-23. This might have been the most inconsistent football team in history, but there was no doubt they could go toe to toe with anyone.

Revenge in a Muff

The most special part of that season was the first game, breaking that six game losing streak to Miami. REVENGE was in order that night, and the defense made sure of that. FSU started its first freshman Quarterback that night since 1985 Chip Ferguson. Starting quarterback Drew Weatherford had a terrible night going 7/24 throwing under 100 yards, and one interception. The entire offense had a terrible night, not even reaching the 200 yards for total offense.

That was okay though, because defense played one of their better games under GOAT defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. They only allowed Miami into the end-zone one time, and kept them stiff the entire night.

This game wasn’t just revenge to break a streak, it also gave relief from the 1991 and 1992 games. For the first time in the series, the kicking game finally went FSU’s way which you can see in the video below. In my 25 years of life this is the loudest game I have ever been apart of at Doak Campbell Stadium.



Six Straight Losses to the Gators 2004-2009


Losing to Miami for six years is awful, but nothing will beat losing to the Gators for six years. In the mid to late 2000’s both programs were on opposite ends of the success spectrum. Florida was having the best stretch in their program history, while FSU was having their worst in 30 years. Weathering the storm was crucial as the legendary Bobby Bowden era was dying down. The most painful part of this stretch was that only two of the games were close, and there was quite the separation between both programs.


Revenge in 2010



Picture Credit: Colin Hackley cc 2010

The situation for the 2010 game could not have came soon enough. Urban Meyer was having “health problems”, and momentum was changing. FSU was ushering in the Jimbo Fisher era slowly reversing back into success. With six years of losing to the Gators looming over our heads, many Seminole fans had doubt in their minds. Many were doubtful FSU would break the streak until it actually happened.

The doubtfulness came into fruition when the first quarter ended in a 7-3 Florida Gator lead. Many were thinking “here we go again…” Near the start of the second quarter the Noles scored on a Lonnie Pryor touchdown and it was all down hill from there. The Gators would not score again, and the Seminoles started pounding the Gator endzone with points.

This game truly got the monkey off the Seminole back as the Noles have won seven of the last eight in the rivalry game.

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