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With a two game winning streak going, and, with it, two straight games of scoring 4+ touchdowns, the Seminole fandom is backing off the ledge. Most of ‘Nole Nation is seeing the improvements, except for a small portion known as “FSU Facebook.” You have all heard of #FSUtwitter but not many realize that FSU Facebook is actually a thing. Many are in FSU Facebook groups, and some don’t even realize that they are parking in “FSU Facebook.” So today we are going to focus on some that partake in these negative posts, especially for the ones that continually call for Francois to be benched. Remember FSU fans, don’t be cliff jumpers on social media.

FSU Facebook

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Disclaimer: I communicate with a lot of people on FSU Facebook. Majority are logical, high football IQ fans. This post his shining a light on the minority that need to educate themselves. 


If you ever need a good laugh during the Florida State game, just take a scroll on FSU Facebook. Just like above, you can see the best comments from some of the arm chair coaches. Even with Francois giving great production, you have those on FSU Facebook wanting to bench him.

While most everyone loves James Blackman, he does not give us the best chance to win like Francois. James Blackman shows leadership ability on the sideline but Francois is showing it on the field as well.

Hopefully, as a united ‘Nole Nation, we can shed light on those who still think Francois needs to be benched.


Francois’ Production

Deondre’s NCAA Rank


Passing Yards: #14 (1,377)

Passing Yards per Game: #22 (275.4)


Against Louisville, Deondre had a career game. He threw for four touchdowns, which accounts for all 28 Seminole points. The calls for him to be benched from anyone is getting ridiculous, and their opinion should not be taken very seriously in ‘Nole Nation.


He gives everything for his team




Francois block


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