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Defensive Coordinator Harlon Barnett has been well worth his paycheck so far in the 2018 season. His philosophy within the defensive secondary is a modernized Mickey Andrews defense –  playing a lot of man coverage. When you do this, your defensive front has to limit the time the quarterback has to throw. If they do not eventually disrupt the quarterback in a timely manner, the man coverage will break down eventually. The system is obviously working, as FSU is tied with the likes of Alabama for sacks. Another reason is that two five stars – Brian Burns and Marvin Wilson – are producing within this system, creating havoc and sacks (as well as headaches for opposing coaches). Below you will see all five sacks from last week, and some sack numbers on the year.

FSU Statistics on Sacks

Number of Sacks on the Year: 19

Sacks Per Game: 3.17

NCAA Rank: 16

Brian Burns has seven sacks on the season, and is ranked #7 in the NCAA for sacks


In our first GIF, notice the delayed blitz brought by the linebackers – especially the interplay between the weakside ‘backer (either DeCalon Brooks or Zaquandre White, can’t quite tell from this angle) and Marvin Wilson. The linebacker crosses the face of the left guard and center, while Big Marv does a mini-stunt to the weak side. This movement gives him a free shot at Perry.


In our second GIF, I’m quite sure someone told Big Marv that N’Kosi Perry hated Honey-Fried Chicken. While the stunting to the strong side does draw a lot of ‘Cane attention, Wilson simply shoots the A-Gap and obliterates Perry.


Our third GIF shows great teamwork on our end, and an indecisive freshman at QB for Miami. This is a rollout RPO. Burns is the man being read on the Zone Read Portion of this option. Brooks and Jacksonflow to the give side, and Burns stays home to the keep side. Meanwhile, Jaiden Woodbey eliminates the easy option to the Tight End, which is likely where Perry was thinking he’d go. This creates enough indecision for Burns to get home. When each man covers their assignment, defense just works better. Great job of coaching here.


While FSU is definitely bringing two of their three linebackers here, just stop and marvel at Brian Burns. He runs by Miami’s left tackle like he’s standing still, and while being held, manages to spider-monkey his right hand around and force a fumble. This is just true beauty right here.


Finally, we see Fred Jones get in on the action. There is literally nothing special here – no blitzing, no stunting, nothing. Fred takes advantage of the tailback’s half-hearted chip block on Burns and the double-team on Christmas and simply beats Miami’s left guard to the A-gap side and finds he has an open shot at N’Kosi Perry.


Which one of these is your favorite sack? Let us know in the comments below.

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