Column: Kentucky Fans, Let’s Talk

by killyp

Photo courtesy of Louisville athletics

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Kentucky state basketball champions — the Louisville Cardinals!

The Cardinals clipped Kentucky by three on Saturday in a 62-59 victory at the Yum Center. In the process, the Cardinals defeated their instate rivals for the first time in four years.

In a rivalry as heated as this, there is always arguments and discussions between fans, but this year had a few more “hot takes” than usual. So, during this holiday season, let’s have a little discussion, shall we? Let’s begin.

Hypocrisy, Much?

“Our team is garbage; you all celebrating a win over this team is dumb and makes you all the little brother.”

It was 2018. The place was Cardinal Stadium. The worst team in Louisville football history got trounced by a decent Kentucky team — the first in decades.

What did Kentucky fans do?

They celebrated like it was the Rose Bowl, crowning themselves the new face of dominance in the SEC East. Louisville has a comfortable lead in the modern series and has by far been the better program. It doesn’t work both ways, Kentucky fans.

“We still lead the modern series in basketball; win some before you celebrate.”

Check the modern football record books and get back to me. Even though the Wildcats have won three of four on the gridiron, Louisville has won six of nine. Go back to the late 1990’s and Louisville holds a 13-8 edge.

About That…

“This schedule is so difficult; we have to expect this.”

You’re schedule is tough, is it? But is it?

Morehead State is currently eighth in its conference. Richmond? 6-2 and the Spiders haven’t played a conference game. They’re an Atlantic 10 school.

Kansas? A loss by three isn’t bad; you can be happy that loss wasn’t too bad. Georgia Tech is 4-3 and ninth in the ACC. Notre Dame? The Fighting Irish are 3-4 and one spot below Georgia Tech at 10th in the ACC.

North Carolina is 5-3, but eighth in the ACC right now. The Tar Heels are decent, but not currently world beaters. Your schedule is nothing special.

Shall We Go On?

“Both teams suck this year, what can you do?”

The University of Louisville is 6-1, with wins over Seton Hall, Western Kentucky, Pittsburgh and Kentucky. The one loss came to a top-10 Wisconsin squad on the road, with half the team out. The other half was coming off three weeks of no practice due to COVID-19.

On top of that, Wisconsin shot an ungodly percentage from downtown. Kentucky is 1-6 with the one win coming over a Morehead State team that’s at the bottom of the Ohio Valley Conference conference. That excuse doesn’t pass.

“Dontaie Allen should have seen court; he won Mr. Basketball!”

Allen played four games before he tore an ACL and was out his entire season. David Johnson led his Trinity team to the state title. The reason Allen won Mr. Basketball is because he was Kentucky-bound.

Johnson was the best player in the state. The only reason Wandale Robinson won the football award his senior season is because he was committed to Kentucky and flipped to Nebraska after he won it.

Now that’s not to say Dontaie Allen isn’t a good player. Louisville fans would LOVE for him to transfer here. He averaged 60 points per game in his four high school games. But the fact remains that he was out almost the entire season and Johnson won a state title.

“Well, these players just aren’t that good.”

This freshman class for Kentucky was the No. 1 class in America, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. Two of the six enrollees were top-10 players in America. Five were in the top 40. That excuse is out.


“Well we still got Devin Askew from Chris Mack. We snap our fingers and he’s ours!”

How’s that working out for you?

“You’ll always be little brother!”

I don’t know which Eddie Sutton staple was worse — this tired old insult or the scandal that almost destroyed your entire program? Speaking of which…

“Well your titles got vacated and you’re the dirtiest program in America!”

We’ve got half the teams in the southeast and Kansas who would like a word. Louisville got screwed by the NCAA for doing the right thing. Oh, and Kentucky basketball has been on probation more than any team in America, was caught up in the point-shaving scandal in the 1950’s that destroyed the old powerhouse college programs of New York, and actually GOT the death penalty.

Stone houses and rocks, Wildcat fans. It’s not the best combination.

“Well, Louisville might get banned from this year’s tournament!”

This won’t be resolved for a few seasons, sadly. But even if it did, Louisville will just get banned. Kentucky just won’t make it.

Bonus Round

“We stopped recruiting Bryan Hudson.”

No, you didn’t. That’s a cover-up.

Kentucky wanted him bad, and lost him to Louisville. The same is true of Jackson Hamilton. Try again.

One last reminder…

62-59, little brother. Go Cards!

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